Nine Circles

by Occams Laser

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DJ Home Movies Each level, a test.
Each test, a level.
Harder is the test.
Harder is the level.

There is no end.
To the bottom you'll find.
Always a test, always a level.

Will you continue to descend.
Only to prove yourself.
To each test, to each level? Favorite track: Fraud.
G-Prime thumbnail
G-Prime Going to Hell never sounded so awesome. Favorite track: Violence.
palehorse666 thumbnail
palehorse666 A trip through Hell never sounded so good. I might not mind going, if the tunes are this awesome. Favorite track: Gluttony.
XARGON thumbnail
XARGON This would probably have to be my all time favorite offering from Occam's Laser as it really feels like the culmination of skills developed over previous works. If you are looking for top quality dark synth look no further! Favorite track: Lust.
Rosenator thumbnail
Rosenator This was the first synthwave-related thing I stumbled across, really glad I did. Favorite track: Anger.
Creed H. Quinn
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Creed H. Quinn When half way through the journey of our life
I found that I was in a gloomy wood,
because the path which led aright was lost.
And ah, how hard it is to say just what
this wild and rough and stubborn woodland was,
the very thought of which renews my fear!
So bitter ’t is, that death is little worse;
but of the good to treat which there I found,
I ’ll speak of what I else discovered there.

The 9 await you. Favorite track: Lust.
Limbo 05:24
Lust 03:23
Gluttony 04:13
Greed 04:03
Anger 03:41
Heresy 04:01
Violence 03:11
Fraud 03:30
Treachery 03:43


Hell; the realm of those who have rejected spiritual values by yielding to bestial appetites or violence and those who have perverted their human intellect to fraud or malice against their fellowmen
This place is divided into Nine Circles of suffering located within the Earth.

The circles are concentric, representing a gradual increase in wickedness, and culminating at the centre of the earth, where Satan is held in bondage. The sinners of each circle are punished for eternity in a fashion fitting their crimes: each punishment is a contrapasso, a symbolic instance of poetic justice.

It is now through sound that we explore these Nine Circles.


Nine Circles is an instrumental album taking heavy influence from Dante Alighieri's 14th-century epic poem the Divine Comedy.
The track names refer to each circle of Hell as they appear in the first part of the Divine Comedy often referred to as ‘Dante’s Inferno’.

Using dark heavy synths, and satanic electronic sounds; Nine Circles is designed to summon everyone’s inner most demons.


A huge thanks to everyone who has been supportive of the music I’ve produced so far! Please share this around if you like what you hear and stay tuned for a hell of a lot more in the next few months!



released June 16, 2016

Music written and produced by Occams Laser
Artwork designed by Occams Laser


all rights reserved



Occams Laser England, UK

I am...
Synthwave & Dark-Synth artist.

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